Action to turn on/off other applets

Feature Request

I’ve been futzing with IFTTT trying to make this work but I’m not sure that the capability is there right now. What I’d like to accomplish is the following:

Rule 1

IF Google Calendar event from search "Vacation" starts,

THEN turn off applet X

Rule 2

IF Google Calendar event from search "Vacation" ends,

THEN turn on applet X

This logic could be applicable for any number of triggers, allowing you to turn on or off a number of IFTTT rules en masse instead of one by one. My specific use case would be to turn off some rules I have to govern my phone volume during business hours when I go on vacation, and turn them back on when I return from vacation.

Does anyone have a solution that would accomplish this in the current version? If not, u/ifttt-team, I’d love this functionality if it got added! Not sure where you’re taking suggestions now, so plopping it here for lack of a direct email suggestion box posted on the When do I contact support? page.

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Regarding this request, IFTTT doesn’t expose through their API a method to turn applets on or off, so we won’t be able to tinker with those settings automagically from Apilio.

But with the new webhooks release, we have added a couple of webhooks to your Logiblocks so you can activate/deactivate them, so this is something that you can achieve in Apilio this way :slight_smile: The new webhooks look like this in your Logicblock:

I hope this helps! Here’s the full article: