A fresh new look for Apilio

A fresh new look for Apilio


Hi there :wave:

If you have logged onto Apilio today you have probably noticed how everything looks nicer and shinier than ever :wink:

Today’s release includes a refresh of our interface to introduce a new Apilio that will make it easier to navigate and see all your details more clearly!

With this release, besides the interface, we have just updated a bit of text to make things more readable. We haven’t modified the flow of the web app at all, for now!

This new interface will support us going forward and allow for faster and more interesting changes to help people use Apilio successfully.

Big shout out to @cristovao.alves who is the magician behind this new look :mage:

We have more interesting things coming your way before the end of the year, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we hope you like the new Apilio!

Introducing Apilio subscriptions

Thank you , clearer and crisper, its easier to track down that IFTTT action that fired when it wasn’t expected to


Woo hoo! Thanks for the feedback.