Window condition as trigger

Hello, I currently have two conditions, first one is to check every hour if (2nd condition) the window is left open for more than 3 minutes, if that’s the case ‘turn off air conditioner’ will be triggered.

I’m thinking that it would make more sense if ‘checking every hour’ is replaced with a condition based only on the window. In other words, if the window changes state from closed to open, and it stays open for more than 3 minutes then the ‘turn off AC’ should be triggered.

Is that an option? If so, what’s the best way to define the condition?

Note, in this specific case I cannot tell if the AC is on, there’s no way for now to install a power monitor.

Best & thanks, Jens

Hello Jens,

yes, that makes sense. That would work with a “delay” setting on the condition. Here’s a detailed description: How to setup time constraints for Conditions: delays and timeouts


Hi @pebneter

Yes, I have that, seems like the only solution. The basic problem is in the case that people turn on the AC while the window is open, in that case there’s no change of status, thus no trigger. The only way around this, as I see it, is for the system to check every X-minutes the status of the window e.g. with a delay. In other installations I can see if the ACs are operating (with a power monitor), in those cases this could be an added condition.