Using Unmodified Since at the condition level?

Is it possible to create an Unmodified Since at the condition level and not the variable? I have a variable that pulls in the 5 minute energy price from ComEd from IFTTT. I want to use this price to control some devices in my home, but from what I have noticed, this number can vary vastly and I dont want to turn on and off my AC based on five minute changes if for one period it is 9 cents and the next is only 2 cents.

I created a boolean condition for when the price is below a set threshold variable, but I dont want those wild swings to change the condition. While not perfect, I want to be able to change the condition after the live price has been below the threshold variable for 10 mins. Any tips?

Ideally the solution would be to do a rolling 1 hour average, but that will take some effort on my end to learn about webhooks :slight_smile:


Hi @pushkatel,
we are currently working on new developments that should cover your needs.
Just to clarify:

  • Can you define the frequency of when to get new data?
  • And do you get a boolean value or are you getting a numeric value, like the actual price?


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Hey @pebneter

Just some background: My data source is the ComEd Utility Hourly Pricing tool. I learned that this variable from ComEd is the current hour average price. It is updated every 5 mins. It is the current hour average meaning it resets on the change of the hour. That casues some problems as at 10:50, the price is averaged for the last 50 mins and a spike will cause a small shift, but at 11:05, it can swing widly as only one data point is included in that average. To compound, prices can vary drastically durring the hour and I do not want that to trigger my logic blocks if it is a mini spike rather than a sustained spike. The ideal solution for this is ComEd to instead give a rolling 15, 30, or 60 minute average than can cross the hour.

For Apilio, the solution (in my head) was to only trigger the logicblock if the condition changes, not the variable. My condition in my system is set up to compare the ComEd current hour variable to a another numeric variable that is fixed and that I consider to be my threshold for triggering my peak pricing logic. As the variable is updated every 5 mins, this condition triggers evalution of the logic block every update. Having an unmodified since on the condition level should account for a variable that is updated often and can spike, but to only trigger when the price is somewhat average by two or more observations.

Currently my solution is to update my apilio vairable when it crosses a threshold that is defined within IFTTT. Not ideal as I cant have different threshold for different things without having multiple price variables, but it works.

Let me know if this helps! Happy to chat more!

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Hi @pushkatel,
that sound like you would be the ideal beta tester for a new feature we are working on since a while. It should match your needs very nicely and we hope to get it out until end of the week :blush:

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Sure! Let me know where I can help test and review!


I just sent you a message via e-mail :blush:

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