Using multiple times the same Apilio IFTTT applets with different configs

Hi all,

I am currently moving from my custom IFTTT applets to the standards done by Apilio (Thanks to the team!)

My issue is that I have (currently 5) Sonoff devices … and for each of the I have an applet to turn it off (or on) based on an apilio trigger.

So basically, I would need 10 times the “Turn eWeLink 1-Channel Switch ON or OFF when Apilio triggers an action” applet.

How is it possible to achieve this ?

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Hi Steve,

this is quite a issue at the moment, as we haven’t found a satisfying way to deal with it.
My guess is that IFTTT is already working on the problem (a similar is annoying pro users who cannot add the same action multiple actions to applets). But until we might see a fix, I see only two solutions:

  • We create lot’s of duplicates of the same template (for your case, we’d have two times 5 templates for the same combination of trigger and action)
  • User need to create custom actions (and thus be forced to a IFTTT Pro subscription)

We will update here in the community if we have updates to share - stay tuned!

I guess you do not intend to subscribe to IFTTT Pro anyway?

Thanks @pebneter

No, I will not subscribe IFTTT Pro… that is for me just a trap to do more money since they already charge all the companies they interface with…

And on the other way, I am already payin for Ewelink and Apilio (what I do like…).

So long (or average) term, I think that I will setup my own Home Assistant on a RPI (I need to buy another one… and a bit of time to setup) what will free me of any other company (and charge)

I’m in contact with IFTTT to find out how soon this can be solved.
Copying the applet goes quite fast, so in case you still would want to have the 10 templates, I would create them for you. :man_technologist:

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Thanks @pebneter,

We still have some time to see if the bring a solution.

If not, I will challenge myself in order to reduce this amount of 10 :wink:

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Not sure if I have understand the question - but are you trying to have multiple, but independent triggers for a single logicblock? If so - I have achieved this by creating trigger conditions for each of the time events, but then within the logic block - rather than using the ‘simple AND’ construct - I use the complex condition linking, for example - assume I want something to trigger at 10am and 11am but only if a Monday

Create 3 conditions
1 - time1 = time event at 10:00 am
2 - time2 = time event at 11:00 am
3 - allowed_day= time frame - it is a day - Monday (but of course this could be any other condition appropriate that you want to be true

1& 2 are used to trigger the logicblock
Within the logicblock - the complex condition linking =

Thus the logic block logic is only dependent on condition 3, but triggered by conditions 1 & 2

Does that make any sense? Does it in any way relate to what you are trying to achieve


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Sorry - just re-read the original question and realise my reply was totally irrelevant.

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I was in contact with IFTTT and they are working on improvements, but to my understanding it won’t completely solve the need to duplicate applet templates plus I don’t have a delivery estimate.
So it looks like we have to live with template duplication for the time being.

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Hey relax, it all helps! I’m sure that info will answer somebody else’s question sometime…

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