Using location to dictate action

Using location to dictate action



I am attempting to make some logic to control how my various “smart” devices respond to my requests. Specifically, I find it very annoying that when I prompt the Google Assistant at home (where I have a Sonos connected to this service), both my phone and my Sonos respond and talk over each other…

Therefore, this service seems to offer the opportunity to do the following, but I don’t know how to implement it:

If google_assistant_prompted == True:
if at_home == True && sonos_heard_request == True:
return sonos_response & no_phone_response
return phone_response & no_sonos_response

Any thoughts?


I could be wrong but Google have stated what you describe shouldn’t happen, it doesn’t with me but mine is phone google home.

to implement though Apilio i can’t help


It happens with my phone and Google mini. Drives me crazy.


I don’t think your idea can be implemented I’m afraid.
Not because Apilio couldn’t handle the logic, but because I doubt you will find a way to get the necessary information from Google and to fine-tune your Google Assistant from outside.