Using Apilio, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and GE WiFi Window AC units

Using Apilio, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and GE WiFi Window AC units

Hi all,

Been looking for something replace the delay timer I was using with Stringify and so glad I found Apilio (so much easier to use, in my opinion!).

Anyway, here’s the dilemma and how I used Apilio to help make it work. I bought two GE WiFi connected window air conditioning units to connect with IFTTT and Google Assistant. Unfortunately, controlling both at the with one voice command was not possible, and whenever the AC units turned on, they default to “Eco” cooling mode and rarely actually cooled my apartment. I would need two voice commands just to turn them on, then two more to change them both to “Cool” mode…

I needed a way to use a voice command to 1. turn on the window AC units, then 2. wait 5-10 seconds, then 3. send command to change cooling mode to “Cool”. Stringify had this working fine, though it was complicated using WebHooks (I have very limited coding background).

With Apilio, I’ve set up three logic blocks to:

  1. Use Google Assistant voice command trigger on IFTTT to activate an Apilio action that changes a boolean variable, in turn activating a logic block to send IFTTT triggers to turn on each AC unit individually (one logic block per unit) then wait 5 seconds then send the change mode command.
  2. Similarly to above, turn on both units simultaneously, wait 5 seconds, then send the change mode command to both units.

Was able to get it working within 30 minutes of first trying Apilio, and it has worked flawlessly, so pleased. Can’t wait to explore more uses!


Wonderful example and description - thanks for sharing!! :smiley: