Updating an Apilio variable without using IFTTT

Hi Folks, I have read posts from 2017 requesting this, and understand the issues with never ending loops but wondered if there had been any more recent thoughts on this.

Basically it would be great to be able to update an apilio variable as a result of an apilio logic block.

I am becoming ever more frustrated with IFTTT, as on one hand they have started charging me money, whilst on the over they continue to drop the services I use; such as recently announcing the loss of Life360.

A good portion of my IFTTT usage is simply to set variables in apilio, based on logic which apilio has evaluated in the first place, so it just seems that apilio is dependant on IFTTT in this regard and helping to keep them in business.

Interested to know your thoughts.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Mark!
Yes - that’s an evergreen topic! :slight_smile:
Personally, I’d prefer to be able to see the linking between logicblocks implemented via conditions (e.g. "run this logicblock when a specified has run and evaluated positive) because it would spare the need to deal with variables, but there are for sure processes that only work via variables.
I agree fully that is annoying that you have to go through IFTTT to set variables. So definitely a hot topic that we’d like to address in the near future.


This would be a really nice :santa: gift