Update multiple Apilio variables from a single URL

Update multiple Apilio variables from a single URL


Hi, this is a feature request but if someone has an idea for a workaround that would be great as well.

I’m tracking my Nest thermostat’s activity in Apilio and performing various actions. IFTTT has three “ingredients” on a Nest temperature change trigger that I’m working with, “MeasuredAt” (The timestamp of the temperature change), “TargetTemperatureF” (the temperature the thermostat is set to), and “MeasuredTemperatureF” (the actual ambient temperature in my house as measured by the Nest temperature sensor). I store the target temperature and actual temperature in variables in Apilio and perform various actions such as logging and making adjustments to the target temperature based on logic blocks. The issue is when a IFTTT applet runs, it can only execute one webhook command as a result, so I can only update one variable at a time. As a workaround I’ve set up two versions of each IFTTT applet for each trigger, one to update the target temp variable in Apilio and one to update the actual temperature variable. The problem with that is that the Nest service or the IFTTT service or a combination of both end up executing those two applets between two and five minutes apart from each other, and this delay between setting the target temp and actual temp variables causes problems. If a single URL could update two or more variables simultaneously I could run a single applet that updates both variables and avoid the delay.

Thank you!