Unable to trigger apilio setting abode to away

I was able to successfully create a “do” button in IFTTT to set a boolean variable in Apilio. I then create an IFTTT to triggering setting a boolean variable in Apilio when the abode gateway is set to “Away.” However, there is no activity in IFTTT or Apilio when I set the alarm. The abode is active because I can edit and log into abode; it shows the service is edited. Also, abode works with smartthings since unlocking the door changes the mode to standby on abode.

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Hi @conchitallc! Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

Could you explain the routine you are looking to automate with Apilio? Just so we get a better picture of the complete flow.

Would you be able to share a screenshot with the applets you have enabled just to see your setup so far?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Anna for replying. I own a STR and I ask guests to check out via Alexa. When a guest is ready to check-out, he or she says, “Alexa, arm abode in away mode.” I then wish to run a number of IFTTT actions when abode is set to away. During testing, I was able to create an IFTTT button to set a boolean value to true in Apilio and trigger the IFTTT actions. However, I recorded no activity when I tested with an IFTTT action with Abode being the trigger and the Apilio boolean value being the output. Interesting, I left the action “as is,” and sometime later the trigger worked. So the question is how long before an IFTTT action is active?

Tomorrow, guests are checking out so I’ll have an opportunity to see if the routine got triggered.

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Hi @conchitallc! How did it go yesterday? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you Anna for following up. Yup, it worked. I still have a question on why it didn’t work initially.

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Hi @conchitallc,
the response time is a lot dependent on the other service you are connecting to on IFTTT.
There are different ways to implement, an some IFTTT brands do not use the “fast” one.

In general, anything you setup on Apilio and IFTTT should be active immediately.

Well I spoke too soon. This morning, I set the abode alarm via Alexa at 9:30 am and the IFTTT set boolean action was not triggered. I then tried again at 11 am via the App and this time the IFTTT action was triggered. I don’t believe how the alarm is set makes a difference. On Wednesday, it worked using Alexa. So it just seems inconsistent when it works. Almost like the action is asleep and need to wake it up before using it.

I confirmed today that IFTTT action with the abode trigger does not set the boolean variable true in Apilio. It should have triggered this morning but the last activity on IFTTT is on Monday. Inconsistent operation.

Did you also try (for testing purposes) to have sent a notification or message to yourself? Just to confirm the source of the issue?

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