Two ifttt acounts on one apilio acount

Is it possible to have two different ifttt accounts trigger apilo?

What I am looking at is to create a way to use geo fencing with mine and my wife’s phone to adjust our thermostat. The built in geo fencing is horrible and doesn’t work with two different devices. When I leave for work it will set it as away even when my wife is still home.

I was thinking of doing something like the following.

When device one leaves geo fence area x-1
When device two leaves geo fence area x-1
When device one enters geo fence area x+1
When device two enters geo fence area x+2
If X=0 set thermostat to away
If X<0 set thermostat to home

Is this possible with apilo?

Is there an easier way than this?

I have seen online people say to use life360 and share eachothers locations with each other then link that to ifttt but I would like a way with out a tracking app like that.

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It is possible to have two IFTTT accounts connected to one Apilio Account.
So in practice, you

  • log into IFTTT account X and connect with Apilio Account 1
  • then login with IFTTT account Y and connect with Apilio Account 1.

This scenario works with information flow in both ways, so you can trigger actions in two IFTTT accounts or set variables in Apilio from different IFTTT accounts!
We have plans to have more features for multi-user scenarios (i.e. sharing variables between accounts).

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Thats awesome. Thanks for that.
Can we expect ios and android app in future!!

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We’d love to have the apps too, but we are currently working on other new things.
Stay tuned!

I swear I solved this for someone on reddit a few weeks ago.