TUYA SOS - evaluation fine but won't work for real?

Hi Everyone! Nice to have found a community busy with (and better at) the same projects that I am.

My main project is infrared heating but I also would like to set up a zigbee:sms Panic Button where pressing the button triggers a text message The condition rule is Sos must be sos. The condition “panic_button_pressed” shows in the logs that the button has been pressed but it hasn’t resulted in the sms.

So I have a logic block labelled “Sms_Sarah” using the condition and when I evaluate it, it duly turns on my plugs and sends me a sms (ifttt clicksend) But when I press the button on the alarm, nothing happens with the plugs/sms.

I have played with boolean variables and blocks in ifttt, also additional logicblocks being verified in ifttt but I am missing something.

Please can you advise me, I am sure I am missing something obvious. What is it??

:thinking: Jt

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Have you marked that condition as “trigger”? That will make all logicblocks that contain that condition trigger automatically upon a change in that condition. Otherwise, the logicblock is never invoked.

What does the ‘SOS condition’ show in the log when you press it? Does it turn “TRUE” and then “FALSE” again? Or does it stay “TRUE” forever? If it stays TRUE forever, then you need to use the ‘Timeout’ option in the Condition to make it turn FALSE after a few seconds.


You are right. I had tried resetting to time on the variable but NOT ON THE CONDITION. Now the routine works. So satisfying. Thank you!


Thanks for posting and thanks @teknofilo for finding the solution!

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No problem, that’s easy to miss :man_dancing: