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Hi folks. Just getting into Apilio and have a dilemma.

I have a Tuya Smartlife garage door opener that’s working fine in the app. I’d like to set a trigger so that when the garage door opens, it changes a boolean in Apilio so I can do other things.

Currently the only way I see to do this is to go from Tuya > IFTTT > Apilio. Problem is that the IFTTT is a polling app so it’s super slow. This is not a good option.

Exact use case is this (open to suggestions)… My daughter parks her car outside and comes in after dark a lot. I’d like to have the outside lights come on when she raises the garage door at night.

Current set up is a logic block with

  • It’s night time (Apilio time condition) AND
  • Garage door is open (condition set by a boolean triggered by IFTTT)
  • Triggers IFTTT action that sets Kasa scene that turns on all outside lights

This works, but it could be 1-2 mins after the garage door goes up at night, which defeats the purpose.

Really appreciate any insight anybody has on this!


Hi @nathaningram! Welcome :slight_smile:

I think you are setting up an IFTTT applet that if Smart Life detects a door sensor is open, then you update a variable in Apilio. Is this how you are checking that info from the door opener? We do have plans to finish our integration with Tuya, but in the meantime let’s see if we can find a workaround :thinking:

I would maybe test changing the condition from opening the garage door to getting close to home, and see if that gives you a better result. You could turn the lights on when she is getting close to home, or when you detect that she is very close. Depending on where you are and what do you have at home, maybe one of these would work for you:

  • IFTTT’s location service: I’m aware that this does not work very reliably depending on where you are in the World, so you might want to do some tests :slight_smile:
  • Life360: check when she enters a specific area

Or alternatively, you could check for example if her phone has connected to your home wifi, as this means she is very close to the home since her phone can connect to your wifi (again, you might want to do some testing to find what works best in your situation):

:slight_smile: let me know if any of these ideas could work in your situation, thanks!!

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