Tuya door sensor in a condition

A user question:

I am using tuya door sensors to trigger and event when doors are open. But i need it to be with a delay, The condition of the tuya device only allow me the closed position as the status and the delay on work with true condition. So it cant be set to work when door is open. Any advice, thks

Can you go to https://app.apilio.com/devices, find the device, open the the detail view and check the value of the attribute for the door status when the door is opened and closed?
Are there two different values or is it only one?

In the devices section it toogles between open/close correctly.

but in the conditions section it only let me choose “status closed”, since the delay only work is the condition is true, it only works correctly when the door is closed, the opposite as desired.

any advice.

I checked the information we get for the device on the API, and it looks like the specification of it is not correct. It says the device has only “closed”, when in fact it also sends “open” (you can see that in the event log).
I can fix it for one condition in the database if you like. As long as you don’t edit anymore, it should stay fixed.
The only other option is to send the device back and get another product…

can you change it to open, i wont need to change it anymore.

That would be great.

another thing, i have 5 sensors, would this change works for the others as well and future ones.

no, the change will only work per condition.
I did it for the mentioned door sensor. You can check if that triggers correctly now.

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Still on “closed” in conditions, double checked reloading and simulating a new condition but “closed” still the only option.

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The form will not change by this fix in the background. But if you close the sensor, the condition should become “true” anyway

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I understand, i will test it then. will come back with results.

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Did the test, but its doing the same, can you see last log, true is closed and false is open. It should apply the delay when is false(open).

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The solution might be, when closed the condition should become false, opposite from your last post. Thks for your help

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Can you try first without a delay?
From the logs I would conclude that it worked and triggered a Logicblock with true result?