Turn on outside lights when I coming home and is after sunset time

Turn on outside lights when I coming home and is after sunset time


this is my first topic, hope I’m doing it right!

I need to switch on a mini son-off already connected and working to my external home lights for just 10 minutes, but only if I’m coming home after sunset time.

Is there any one of you that can drive me on that? I’d like to use IFTTT Location applet when I enter an area and sunset functionality of Weather Underground applet also in IFTTT.

Thanks in advance for any kind of support you can give me!


Hi there!
Did you already browse through the suggested use cases? https://community.apilio.com/c/use-cases
You might find an example that is close to your idea!


Yes I did, and finally I got a solution, below the steps:

  1. Create 2 boolean variables on my Apilio account, me_at_home and day_time
  2. Go to IFTTT and create 4 new applets, first 2 using Weather Underground Service (sunrise and sunset options) to set day_time variable accordingly, seconds ones using Location Service (enter and exit an area) to set me_at_home variable accordingly
  3. Back to Apilio account, go to Conditions and create 2 conditions, first one with

Name is_Night_Time using

Variable day_time with

Required State false, second one with

Name me_Back_Home using

Variable me_at_home with

Required State true

  1. Go to Logicblocks and create a New Logicblock with

Name is_night_time_and_back_home in

Conditions select the two conditions coded before (is_Night_Time, me_Back_Home) in

Condition linking select Simple AND and finally in

Actions for positive result -> IFTTT event name insert switch_on_external_lights

  1. Go back to IFTTT account and create a new applet using Apilio service and select as

IF THIS trigger action,

Receive an event from Apilio

and select in the

Select Apilio event? drop down menu,

the event previously coded switch_on_external_lights, while in

THEN THAT execution action,

the service that you have to switch on/off your devices, I have used eWelink.

All this stuff it’s working perfectly for my purpose. Hope this can help someone.