Turn lights outside on for 3 mins if outdoor security camera detects a person at night

I have a few Netatmo Security cameras outside muy house. I wanted all lights in the garden to turn for 3 minutes if a person was detected, so that it looks like he/she has been spotted.

This is the automation I built:

When any of the Netatmo Security cameras detect a person, they send an event to IFTTT, which simply triggers a logicblock in Apilio which evaluates these conditions:
(1) Time of the day is between sunset and sunrise (condition) AND
(2) Outdoor light is off (Tuya device based condition)

In order to turn lights on only for 3 mins I use an automation in Smart Life (turn on - wait for 180 sec - turn off)

Reason for (2) is that, sometimes, I go outside after sunset to relax or have dinner in the garden. Without (2), light would turn on everytime camera detects motion and then off after 3 minutes, which is very inconvenient.

Thanks to (2), if I am going outside, I turn outside lights on (light switch is inside the house) before going out, so (2) will be false and light will remain on. Once I get back inside the house, I turn off the outside light.


Yes really like this, makes perfect sense! Thank you for posting :bowing_man:

Very neat adding the check to make sure that the light is currently off :+1: :wink:

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