Timing condition - Help


I trying to work out how to make the following work.

If a Boolean = True for X minutes perform the following action 1 at IFTTT.

If the same Boolean = True for longer than X minutes perform the following action 2 at IFTTT.

I also do not mind if both actions run so it will run action 1 and only if the Boolean stays true past X number of minutes action 2 will run as well as action 1.

Is there a way to do this?


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I tried to achieve this by doing a delay but it appear that it doesn’t stop the delay even if the Boolean is changed to false.

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Hi @simonhodgkiss,
Apilio should be perfect for this and I made a quick test to verify.

You only need one boolean variable and use it in two conditions.

  • Condition1 with a delay of x seconds (with “Trigger Logicblocks when this condition changes”)
  • Condition2 almost the same, just with a different delay y seconds

Then you can create two logicblocks, one for each condition. Add the desired action in the “positive” section.

What happens:

  • When the boolean is set from false to true (and stays true), the conditions will trigger the logicblocks after x/y seconds. If the boolean is set to false before, the logicblock will not run
    Does it not work for you? Make sure you set the boolean to false before you start your test.

Perfect thanks! You help was spot on!