Timer with hue or ifttt


First of all i want to thank you all in advance, im not an experienced user in this field but are trying my best.

Im trying to make an timer for my aquarium cirkulation pumps that are conected with a Philips hue smart plug.

I have read a guid in this matte but cant get it to work.

Ive tried both using the all IFTTT solution and also just to trigger The logicblock with IFTTT but then have hue actions.

Apilio and my hue account are connected

I want it to work like this.

I say " hi Google feed my fish" and this will trigger IFTTT to call Apilio and Apilion will then turn off my smart plug first then delay 600 sec and then turn on the smart plug again.

I have tried to set it up like this with IFTTT and Hue

I also tried it with The IFTTT triggers but cant get anything to work :frowning:

Hi @Leviswe ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Just so I get this right, I think this is what you are trying to automate:

  1. If I say “OK Google, feed my fish”
  2. Then turn off my smart plug
  3. And, 600 seconds later, turn it on

Step 1: google assistant

I think you have the first step right, this is an applet in IFTTT that if (google assistant) then (apilio):


In the Apilio step, you would have selected your Logicblock name, with the two Hue actions.

Step 2: Actions in the Logicblock

This is a Logicblock that has no conditions, hence the condition doesn’t apply to the Logicblock. Because we can’t make it “true” ever (there’s no condition), we currently consider that the condition is false and hence we execute the negative chain of actions. I know this is a bit weird, but we are preparing a fix so that if there are no conditions, the positive chain will execute. This way you’ll only have to worry about the first chain of actions.

But today, with your example, your actions look well setup, so I think they might be in the positive chain of actions. If you could add them please instead in the negative list of actions, I think that might be it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Give it a go and let us know if this worked.

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You got it just right and it worked like a charm.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: