Time Condition: Every Other Week?

My city collects recycling every other Thursday. I currently have and IFTTT applet to toggle a variable every Wednesday night, so that it will be true every other week. This triggers a light reminding me to put out the recycling bin.

I’d like to do this toggling step using Apilio’s native time conditions. It looks like using cron would be problematic, and I don’t see a method to have conditions become true every other week or, alternatively, use a logicblock to toggle a variable without IFTTT.

Is this just a current limitation or is there some mechanism I’m not thinking of?

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Hi @Kyle,
that is indeed a use case that cannot accomplished natively with Apilio. It’s not something that can be achieved with a cron expression.
You could do some crafty things by setting a Apilio variable via IFTTT, but I don’t think that’s better than the solution you already have in place.
In case you want to save on one custom IFTTT applet I created a template that you can use: https://ifttt.com/applets/fnPvzJiS


I’m just going to experiment with 0 20 * * Thu/14 and see what happens…

Thanks for the template! This looks like like it can provide the exact same functionality and save me a custom slot.