The Apilio December Festive Freebie Fest 2019 - woo hoo free gadgets!

The Apilio December Festive Freebie Fest 2019 - woo hoo free gadgets!


:christmas_tree::christmas_tree: Happy Apiliolidays :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Apilio-ho-ho everyone!
(please keep reading below the heavily unedited photo by the way)


So now we’re in December, it’s officially that time of the year we’re allowed to watch Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation again AND Home Alone 1 & 2 in quick succession and, even more importantly, many of us are looking forward to giving and receiving new gadgets. And, as we all know, these gadgets really don’t do very much by themselves - they need a little bit of ahem help, right? I mean to be really interesting, they need to be integrated with other gadgets and software to do the cool stuff which is where Apilio comes in.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, Philipp, Anna, Cris and Dan (me) have come up with an awesome plan. We are each going to choose our favourite gadget, actually BUY IT and then give the lot away in our Festive Freebie Fest!

Just imagine it! It’s like walking round one of those Christmas markets, you know the ones with the tacky wooden sheds and more rain around than snow, but finding an awesome IoT “thing” at each of the first four sheds.

Then you hit the gluhwein shack, then you hit the snack shack, then you meet the person of your dreams, then it starts snowing. It’s just like the happy ending in the White Christmas movie!

So how do you access happiness like that? Well, all we’re asking is you share some holiday inspiration with the community. Tell us how you’re using drones as decorations, tell us how you’ve hooked the hamster up to produce energy to light the tree, tell us how you’re using Apilio in a funny, creative, ingenious or Einstein-like way. There are no hard and fast rules (although you should be OK with us sharing your entry with the Apilio Community) but we’re looking for the best use of Apilio this holiday season and we’ll assemble our panel of experts to choose a winner on December 31st 2019 - what a Happy New Year that will be for someone!

Here’s the Festive Freebie Fest entry form - let’s go and good luck!

Philipp, Dan, Anna and Cris

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