Step-by-step generic IFTTT / Apilio process

Is there documentation that shows a generic process that includes Apilio logicblock conditions and actions and IFTTT applets?

The descriptions I’ve seen all include specific IFTTT applets, and they don’t seem to work with what I’m trying to do.

I seem to be stuck in a catch-22; how can I set up the Apilio logicblock before the IFTTT applet exists?

Here’s what I want to do:

  1. IFTTT gets a motion notice from Arlo camera #1 and triggers a logicblock in Apilio.

  2. Apilio logicblock gets the trigger and IF IT’S AFTER DARK, tells IFTTT to turn on certain lights (some via TP-Kasa, some by Lutron).

  3. If it’s after 10;30 pm, 20- 30 minutes later, Apilio tells IFTTT to turn off those lights.

(Arlo cameras #2 and #3, trigger similar events, but turn on / off different lights.)

Seems 3 applets are needed in IFTTT:

  1. Motion notice from Arlo camera triggers Apilio logicblock.
  2. Apilio logicblock triggers ‘certain lights on’
  3. Apilio logicblock triggers ‘certain lights off’

If those 3 applets were set up in IFTTT, it seems it would be easy to set up a logicblock in Apilio to interact with them. But that’s the catch-22; seems some things need to be set up in Apilio before those can be set up in IFTTT.

Hello @bob!
Usually, you will start your work in Apilio and then configure IFTTT to interact with it.
Here’s a video that describes setting up triggers and actions. Maybe this helps?

Have you seen this document as well? How to connect Apilio and IFTTT