Spring Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the spring survey!
The insights we can get from these inputs are very valuable to prioritise development.

I’d like to share some interesting bits on selected parts of the questionnaire.

“With what device type do you Apilio connect with?”

  • 75% use Apilio together with lights
  • Around 40% use Apilio for security and home monitoring
  • 3rd positions with around 20% are home appliances and garage doors

These are not really surprises, but great to confirm our observations. In line with the current shift in energy consumption, energy and heating management is becoming an important topic among Apilio users.


Not surprisingly, almost all users have connected to IFTTT. Second is Tuya, and third is Philips Hue. The reliability of the integrations seems to be good enough in most cases, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

What do you :heart: about Apilio?

Of course most of you like the advanced logic control that Apilio provides. The integrations and the fact that you don’t have to operate another hub at home are also good reasons to use Apilio.

In which areas should Apilio improve?

I will list your favourites in order of popularity:

  1. Options for logic and configuration (ok, nerds… :grin:)
  2. Integrations
  3. Easier configuration
  4. Dashboard / Visualisation
  5. Usability
  6. Historical data

Thanks for your contributions and encouraging comments! It keeps the spirits up to hear that you are overall quite happy with the work we do. :man_dancing:

The A-Team

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