Sorry Guys but IFTTT killed the market

Sorry Guys,

I think that IFFFT killed your project…

I would like to thank the team… who is very professional, reactive, creative…

This project is a very good one but dependant of IFTTT who is currently killing the market by trying to increase its profit.
I was OK to pay an Apilio subscription because there’s a lot of work behind the project and users are their only way of finance their very good job but NOK for IFTTT who is getting (a lot of) money from all the companies they interface with…

If you want to know how I will handle it now… it’s quite simple: an old RPI3, Home assistant and Node-Red…

As a conclusion, many thanks to the team… and I wish you good luck…


Thanks for this and we appreciate your business. As usual we’re working on it and we’re pretty confident about the future. Good luck with all the hardware!


Hi @BOS,

thanks for your honest feedback and your help in the past!
Of course we don’t agree with

I think that IFFFT killed your project…

:wink: They certainly make our lives not easier in the short term, but we see it as a chance and accelerator for other plans.
I hope you keep a free account so you will receive news from us. Good things are coming :fairy:, and hopefully even before the other famous guy :santa: will drop some presents :smile:


I’ll say that I intend to renew my Apilio subscription directly because of all the work the team has put into creating IFTTT templates. It’s allowed me to work within IFTTT’s new limits.

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Thanks Kyle, we really appreciate the feedback!