Sonoff garage door opener integrated with Alexa, Siri and Ring Alarm with ring open/close sensors

Sonoff garage door opener integrated with Alexa, Siri and Ring Alarm with ring open/close sensors

This is one of my first projects using Apilio and I have to say it is a great platform with continuous improvements along the way.

My goal was to improve the safety of our house while retaining the Ring Alarm system, echo devices and iPhones everyone in the family has grown to love. With 2 young kids playing around the house our garage door was left open more often than we wanted.

Things improve a bit with the Ring Alarm system, when i installed one of the contact sensors on the garage door which started alerting us of open and close events, also forcing us to close the door before arming the system at night.

However, not enough to allow us to open/close the door remotely. I added a sonoff wifi relay switch to the door and now i wanted an auto-close feature to close the garage in 30 mins if left open. The switch works in inching mode and is not aware of the door state (open/closed). This where i leverage 2 boolean varaibles, 4 conditions and 1 logicblock and 1IFTTT action in Apilio to allow us to open/close and auto close the door from echo devices and iphones. Accidental openings were avoided by monitoring the ring z-wave sensors through the ring alarm.

here’s a diagram and things are working really well.

one boolean variable to track the user command (open or close)
second boolean variable to track the door sensor (open. or close)

here’s my logicblock definition:
Name: activate_gdoor


Linked to conditions: gdoorcmdclose, gdoorcmdopen, gdoor_open, gdoor_close
Condition linking: OR(AND(gdoorcmdclose,gdoor_open),AND(gdoorcmdopen,gdoor_close))

Action settings

Actions for positive result:

  • activate_gdoor (Delay: 0)

Actions for negative result:

  • None have been setup yet

Execution mode: Immediate

Advanced options

Automatic evaluation: true
Only fire action if result changed: false


Super awesome contribution - thanks a lot for sharing!

Thanks @sidsm33 that detail of post is really helpful for everyone. Nice job. DanT