[Solved] Delayed window sensor automation for beginners

Hi there,

I am fully new to Apilio and have to admit that I don’t really understand everything yet (probably also because of some language issues). I have problems setting up the following and would appreciate some guidance from the community.

This is the idea:
I have a Smart Life window sensor. It’s working well and through the Smart Life app I can set up an automation, that gives me a notification once the window is open. But that’s not enough for my use case. Because I’d rather like to receive this notification only after a delay of 10 minutes AND only IF the window was not being closed again in the meantime. That’s how I found my way to apilio, hoping there is a way to get this going. Do you think this possible? (working with a delay or timeout)?

As said, I am a total beginner and therefore would appreciate if someone could give me a step-by-step explanation what to setup. I haven’t really developed an understanding how Apilio actually gets in contact with that Smart Life sensor (to receive the trigger) and finally connects to IFTTT to send me that notification. It’s a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Thanks a million in advance!

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This is what I have set up so far:

  1. in IFFTTT: “If window is open, then update the variable “window_open” to true in Apilio”
  2. in Apilio: Boolean variable: “window_open” -> current value: “true”
  3. in Apilio: Conditions: “window_open_10min” -> required variable state “true” -> trigger locig blocks when conditions change -> timeout 10 minutes
  4. in Apilio: Logicblocks: “window_sensor” -> ifttt action with the same name “window_sensor” -> execution mode immediate (no other settings filled or activated)
  5. in IFTTT: “If IFTTT receives a “window_sensor” event from Apilio, then send a notification from the IFTTT app”

Not leading to my goal unfortunately :frowning:

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Ok, I got one step further by myself. Learning by doing :slight_smile:

In IFTTT I have set up an additional trigger “if window is closed, then update the variable “window_open” to false in Apilio”.

This was missing, otherwise the current status wouldnt change back to “false”

I then learned that “timeout” was not the condition mode helping me with my goal, so I changed to “delay” instead and that seems to have everything solved to the way I wanted it.

I also needed to learn that everything takes a while (approx. 1-2 minutes) until I receive that notification on my smartphone. It is not pushed through instantly, nor does the status in Apilio change instantly. That’s all good, I just needed to know.

So I think this can be closed here. I am all set by myself and I guess I didn’t even need to post here at all, but give it more tries before :wink:


Great post! Thanks for sharing your „learning journey“. Even if you solved it yourself, it‘s great for others to learn as well :+1:

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