Smartthings 3rd Party motion sensors

Smartthings 3rd Party motion sensors


I have been having a few days of frustrations with my Logiblocks and motion sensors.
Nothing to do with Apilio, but more to do with Smartthings and IFTTT.

I have 2 multi-sensors in my house (Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 - also useful for light sensing and temperatures) connected to Smarthings using the Zwave protocol. installed up and downstairs hall way and at times can get busy with people moving around

It may be coincidence but after I installed the new Smartthings app i started hitting limits. Judging by the limited information i can see Smartthings is sending multiple requests a minute for a motion sensor. I have changed the settings to try and reduce detection to night time etc, but it does not seem to work.

Anyone else come across this?

Other smartthings requests still continue to work as they should. So the usage block appears to be applet based


Which application gives you that feedback? Is it Smartthings or IFTTT?


IFTTT when passing the info onto Apilio


I’d like to check that. Can you send us an e-mail with the Info you get from IFTTT?


Just as a FYI, it appears this problem was caused by an infinite loop i had unwittingly put on my logiblocks
This of course caused Apilion to stop my requests to prevent it effecting other users