Smart Water Valves - anyone got one set up? or failed to set it up?

Hi - this was asked a couple of years ago, but no-one had experience, but has anyone used one of these with Apilio, please? They are a bit expensive for the “buy and see what happens approach” I am installing a heat pump water tank (replacing a combi boiler) so I need to limit showers to 10 minutes.

I imagine I will need to have a condition about time use started and then a countdown to turn off.

What should I ask a seller to make sure apilio gets access, please?

:shower: Jt

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That’s a great use case! I have not tried one myself I’m afraid but would be very interested in hearing about your experience.

Easiest way is to ask the seller if there equipment works with Tuya/Smart life then there is a good chance it will work with Apilio. Alternatively look through IFTTT to see what is available for your use case

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As @Drivingforce already said, the easiest integration with Apilio will be possible with Tuya/Smart Life devices (google for “Tuya water valve”) there is one here for instance:

The alternative is to look for a device with IFTTT support.
Or - but this has become quite rare - for a device that has webhooks support.