Smart Life devices going offline after restarting router

I have many Smart Life devices at home (sensors, light switches, plugs, etc.) and they work without any issues.

However, if I restart my Internet modem/router for any reason, there are some smart light switches and smart plugs that remain offline, while the rest go online pretty quickly once the router connects to Internet.

An interesting thing is that, when I open the Smart Life app in my iPhone, those devices are shown as ‘offline’ when I am using celullar connection (4G) but ‘online’ when I am using WiFi. I guess the Smart Life app connects to devices directly through the LAN rather than going through Internet.

The main problem is that any automation via Alexa, Apilio, etc does not work for those devices that are shown as ‘offline’. Automations created in Smart Life app that involve those devices do not work either.

The only solution is to remove power for those smart light switches and plugs for 1 hour or so (if you only do it for a few mins, it does not work). When they receive power again, they seem to “register” in Smart Life servers properly: they show as ‘online’ in the app both in WiFi/Cellular connection and all automations work.

This is a problem because, in order to remove power for those smart light switches, I need to turn electricity off for all light switches (smart and dumb ones) in the house for 1 hour or so using the circuit breaker that controls electricity for lights. With smart plugs it is easier because I simply need to unplug them for 1 hour.

It does not happen with all my Smart Life devices, just a few of them – but not always the same devices. And it is not specific of a particular brand, as most of my smart light switches are the same model and only some are affected.

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Yes, I thought I was the only one, I was blaming my wifi router etc for the problems as they even dropped off without restarting the router. but I found a neat trick that worked for me. For the devices that drop into off line I told the smartthings app to report when the devices go offline.

Since I have done that they have not gone offline. It may not work for you but it is something to try

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In my case they never go offline. It only happen when I restart the router.

I will mark the option to report when offline, but to be frank I don’t think that will make any change. Thanks.


That’s funny @Drivingforce as I had random Tuya devices going offline, not for the same reasons as @teknofilo, but it suddenly stopped happening. I now realise that issue fixed itself after I added the alerts to the Smart Life app. Thanks for putting 2 and 2 together for me!

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