Smart Life - Apilio an opportunity?

Smart Life - Apilio an opportunity?

I for one am excited about Apilio having a direct integration with Tuya
When Apilio announced they would be enabling a direct integration by the end of May I started looking around to see how i can reduce my different smart home integrations and save some money at the same time.

At present I have the following smart home devices

Lifx - I doubt i will ever remove these, expensive yes but good products none the less
Hue - Now they have thrown the first group of customers with smart lights under the bus with there announcement here I understand it’s 4 years but they could have just stopped updating the damn thing. But they killed all web based services as well.
Samsung Smart things - presence sensor door sensor and a couple of lights, 3rd party motion and light sensor.
Nest - thermostat and smoke alarms camera
Netamo indoor, outdoor temperature so can control what the heating is doing
Magic home for one wifi RGB LED strip

If I have read right i could probably replace Smart Things with a smart life zigbee hub. (then wont have to worry about if the zigbee product will work with smartthings)
Use Smart life compatible lights to replace hue.
Netamo, if i can find Zigbe/wifi weather monitoring products
And the most important thing is a reduced response time between an input to an action as we wont be gong through IFTTT
I can see my smart home expansion becoming cheaper :slightly_smiling_face: - yes it is for you to test products before you become an OEM but still good for buying a single product if you cannot find it in your usual channels


Interesting summary and thoughts - thanks for sharing here!