Skip YouTube ads automatically when "Skip ads" button appears

Hi guys ,

Not sure how to achieve this but I am looking for a solution for a very common problem. I am sure most of us must have come across this.

I have fire tv and when I watch YouTube videos, after sometime ads appears on the screen and after few seconds “Skip ads” appears. I use remote or Alexa to skip the ads. By clicking on “Skip ads” button or I ask Alexa to skip the ads on fire tv and yes it works.

But is there a way if I automate this i.e when the “Skip ads” button appears on screen, Alexa or any other automation, automatically press the button.

Really looking forward hear some solution to this.


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I love this use case! I would also like to pause my Google Home playing the “Thought for the Day” brainwashing on BBC Radio 4 for two minutes each day.

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I got the solution for firetv on below YouTube video. I tried and now no more YouTube ads …super happy :slight_smile:

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