Show tags en CSV log file as a new column

It would be great to add a column in the CSV file with the log including the tags associated with that logiblock, variable or condition. Those tags could be separated by “;” to avoid conflicts with “,”

Sometimes I am reviewing a log with lots of events at the same time, not all of them related to the use case I am interested in. By creating a column filter in Excel, it would be possible to just show the relevant events.

For example, when I enter the garage, I have 4 motion sensors and 1 light sensor which turn on/off lights depending on movement and available light. Those produce lots of events. At the same time, I have events coming for the garage door actuator opening/closing and gate sensors. Those events mix with the other ones.


Yes, totally agree with you. I have too many events coming from one of my light sensors and I can’t see anything else in my logs now : (

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