Shift rotation logicblock

Okay here goes.

I work shifts and I’m trying to set a logic block that will work with a google calendar event set as every week day every other week as a trigger to turn my lights on when I enter the area but only when my shift ends. So only every other week on a weekday night.

My question is how. I’ve set a trigger as when event ends set location is home to true. But is that what I want to do. Since I only want it to trigger when I enter my home location. So do I set the trigger condition to the google calander event abd the evaluation condition to when I enter a certain area?


Welcome @tdeank82 to the forum!

If I understand correctly, I think what you wanna do is this:

  • Based on the calendar event ending, set a Boolean variable to “true” in Apilio (it will always stay “true”)
  • Then have a condition “shift_has_ended_recently” requiring it to be true and a timeout to limit the validity of it (let’s say 2 hours)
  • Then finally a location based trigger that runs the logicblock every time you get close to home: if your shift_has_ended_recently -> switch on lights.
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