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I’ve come across a couple of issues with setting the temperature of a Tuya Smart Life thermostat.
When I do this from Apilio, the temperature that is set on the thermostat is exactly HALF the value that is passed. So, if I pass “40” as the temperature, the thermostat gets the message but sets it to 20, etc. Given that these thermostats only accept half-integer temperatures, it is possible that this by design to allow integer values set the half-degree levels. Apilio limits the temperature being set to “70”, which as the smart thermostats generally have a limit of 35C suggests that the factor of two is inherent in passing such values. However, if this is the case then rather than the message saying “Accepts values between 10 and 70C”, it should say something like “Accepts values between 10 and 70, which correspond to 5 to 35C”
The more significant issue, however, is that you apply a logic test to the value being entered, to limit it to 5 degree intervals. This is remarkably restrictive and makes control of the temperature via Apilio impractical. I can see no reason that the value being passed should not be any integer—the Tuya documentation does not seem to require this and the smart thermostat itself clearly is able to set temperature values more precisely. Although I have no current requirement to implement the “Upper Temp” action for the thermostat, the same applies here and you also require values to be entered in 5 degree intervals.
Can you see if it is possible to remove the “5 degree interval” requirement from both the Temp set and Upper temp actions?
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Hi Dan,
Thanks for posting this (the original query was from me).
Just to add to this, the “only accepts values to the nearest 5 degrees” restriction applies when the Tuya thermostat is accessed via logicblock action chains, and within conditions.
It would be great if this restriction was removed as it is impossible to control temperatures to any degree of precision with this in place.
Could someone on the development team look into this?

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I notice in the Smart Life App that whereas in some areas you can set the Temperature in 0.5 degree intervals when setting temperatures in the “Week Programming” for Auto Mode that you can only set them to the nearest degree

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We will have a look at the mentioned use case, but we are completely dependent on the restrictions given by Tuya’s API. If a device announces that only certain values are acceptable, it probably will refuse anything outside the specification. :disappointed:

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Can I ask what other people see when they try to set temperatures via this interface?

I have two Tuya thermostats and with both I get a page that says you can enter values between 10 and 70 degrees C, with only entries every 5 degrees being allowed. Whatever value you set in this range results in a temperature exactly half of what you specified being set in the device.

Some correspondence with Apilio support suggests that they believe it is my thermostats that are giving wrong information.

Anyone else? I can set temperatures on these devices correctly using Alexa, so it must be possible…


I don’t have any thermostat. Anyone else?

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