Set time as sunset minus 30 mins

Is it possible to set a time trigger that is for 15 minutes before sunset? For instance if I want to automate Hue lights starting to come one prior to sunset.


Hi @ncondon22! Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

You cannot set this explicitly in the interface yet, but many users have tweaked this by choosing a default location where the Sun sets a bit earlier than where they actually are. This will give you the same behaviour you are looking for.

Let us know if this helps, thanks! :smiley:


Wow a great solution! Doing this!


You can also set up a routine in Alexa that has an option to trigger up to an hour before or after sunrise or sunset. I needed more than an hour before sunrise so I set mine to Rome relative to my time zone of London

We have released the requested feature in the meantime!