Send a notification when I hit temperature threshold

Send a notification when I hit temperature threshold


I feel dumb cuz I cant figure this out. I have a temperature sensor in a greenhouse. I want to send a notification to my phone to tell me to open the doors and windows when the temperature hits 80F. I have done this with IFTTT sending a notification and with Apilio setting a boolean variable and it sends the notification. The problem is it keeps sending notifications every minute or so. I only want one.

How can I make it send ONE notification when he temperature crosses the boundary on the way up and stop sending them after that.

I’ll do the same on a low threshold - when its <=40F send me a SINGLE notification.


Could this be the temperature in your green house is fluctuating around 80F so drops below the threshold then raising above it.

i had a similar problem with lighting levels so i did the following
Set true Boolean above 80F to true when temperature is above 80F. that automatically fires your logiblock to send notification
then set Boolean above 80F to false when temperature is below 75F. this will should prevent multiple firings unless there is a big temperature swing in the day. Only draw back of course if the temperature doesn’t drop below 75F during the night. To get round that I would use the time applet at midnight to also set the Boolean above 80F to False
The same again for 40F adjusting as required.

Hope this makes sense and helps


This may happen because it is fluctuating around 80F like @Drivingforce said, or it might be that the sensor is sending a trigger repeatedly (btw, which brand do you use?
In case of the latter, you can stop multiple notifications with the “Only fire action if result changed” feature of the logicblock:

If you turn that on, you will get only one notification per change (either from positive to negative or from negative to positive).