Run google command or routine

I have some smart light switches that work with google home but not IFTTT. I would like to control these using triggers from other supported devices (cameras) but can’t see how to. Since these switches don’t talk to IFTTT I thought using a google assistant command or routine would do what I want. Google assistant can trigger an action with Apilio but I can’t see how to make a google command or routing the subject of a trigger, is there a way to do this?


As far as I know (based on my last check on the specification), Google doesn’t let other services to trigger devices through Google Home. They don’t share control over devices with others :disappointed:
Unlike Google, Alexa allows smart devices to trigger routines. And there are some workarounds with virtual doorbell buttons to run routines from the outside. Let’s hope Google will open they ecosystem a bit as well at some point :crossed_fingers:

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I have a system where I use camera motion detections to trigger light switches. It uses both IFTTT and Apilio actually, since Apilio has features that IFTTT doesn’t and vice versa. But the key was that my camera server software (Sighthound) allows for sending signals to IFTTT when motion/object is detected! I love it for that reason, although it is not being supported adequately at this point in that it doesn’t allow H265 streams! Argh. The switches and the cam software both have IFTTT routines, fortunately.

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