Reset Numeric Value


I multiple actions running various tasks and it 99% works correctly.

However there appears to be the odd time when 1 of my Numeric values ends up going to -1 or -2 and messes everything up.

Is there anyway I can set it that if it gets to -1 or lower it auto resets to 0?



Have you checked the logs to see why it is becoming -1 or -2? Fixing the root cause would be a better solution.

As a workaround, I suggest to create a condition and a logicblock.

Condition would be [Your numerical variable] must be [less than] [Zero variable], where the [Zero variable] is a variable you need to define in advance with value ‘0’

Then you check the ‘Trigger Logicblocks when this condition changes’ option in the condition, and create a logicblock with that condition that, upon execution, sets your variable back to 0 using an HTTP action with the
Webhook URL to set a value for that variable.


There is no “reset” or possibility to define a min / max range for a numeric variable.
So I would say @teknofilo’s idea is the best solution.

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