Quick update: more actions, know if a condition is being used

Hello everyone!

We have a quick update for you all before March is over :wink:

Up to 20 actions allowed in Logicblocks

Previously, we only allowed 10 actions in your action chains, but we have doubled this to 20 actions so you can control more devices and services from just one Logicblock.

Delay your actions up to 10 hours

The delay you can setup for any of these actions has been increased to 10 hours, and the maximum for each action chain is also 10 hours. What does this mean!? :crazy_face: Two examples:

  1. If one of the actions in the chain is delayed by 10 hours, none of the other actions can be delayed.
  2. You could setup 10 actions that each have a 1 hour delay :slight_smile:

We need to ensure that action chains are not executing for extremely long periods of time, this is why we have limited it to a maximum of 10 hours.

Condition list shows if a condition is being used

We’ve added a little update to the conditions screen: https://app.apilio.com/conditions

You’ll be able to see if the condition is being used at all. This will help you quickly identify those conditions that are not being used in any Logicblocks. Very handy if you have lots of conditions and you’d like to do some Spring cleaning.

Condition detail view shows where a condition is being used

In addition to the quick overview of used and unused conditions on the list view, the detail view of a condition also provides the names and the links of the Logicblocks where this condition is used.
This makes it easy to confirm that a condition is linked correctly.

That’s all for today! :slight_smile: Let us know what you think, thanks!


Up to 20 actions allowed in Logicblocks: I’ve never needed more than 10 actions in Logicblock but that could change if new possibilities are added to Logicblocks, like the ability to update a variable or launch another Logicblock, etc.

Delay your actions up to 10 hours: Nice addition

Condition list shows if a condition is being used: It says ‘Used in 2 logicblocks’ but it does not say in which logicblocks is used… why? :thinking:

Just not implemented yet :slight_smile:
The counter on the list view is there to help clean up unused conditions. Having the names of the Logicblocks will be added to the detail view a bit later.

OK great! Looking forward to all the improvements in your pipeline!

We added a little improvement to this topic!
Now the condition detail view provides you with the names and links of connected Logicblocks to quickly confirm the correct setup.

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Really useful when you lots of logicblocks… and bad memory!

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