Quick update: Logicblocks are now default to "positive" instead of "negative" when no condition is connected

How it worked until today

Before this update, Logicblocks that had no condition connected would evaluate to false / “negative”.
This was somewhat counter intuitive and led to confusion among new users.

What we changed

  • We changed this behaviour so that Logicblocks now default to true / positive.
  • We updated existing Logicblocks that had no conditions connected by swapping the positive and negative actions. That way the effect of running an evaluation of such a Logicblock is exactly the same as before

Let us know if you have any questions or issues!


I didn’t know that a logicblock could have no condition. In fact I created a condition called always_true, which is linked to a Boolean variable which is… eh…um… always true :smiley:


I did the same a lot of times, so we thought it’s time to make life easier :grin:

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