Quick update: item logs and more detailed Logicblock execution logs

Hello everyone!

We’ve released a quick update this week to prepare the backend for cool things to come (I’m afraid there will be no spoilers today :zipper_mouth_face:!) and we’ve added in a couple of nice little features to keep improving Apilio based on the feedback that we receive from many of you. Thanks for your comments! :clap:

Filtered, individual event logs for all Variables and Logicblocks

If you open the “show” view for any of your Variables or Logicblocks, you’ll see that we’ve added a table of event logs that are relevant for that element only. You can also download the CSV file for these events on this same page.

These events will only include any events for that specific Variable or Logicblock. This is handy for checking when a Logicblock has been executing, or tracking the value of a sensor that is being saved to a variable. Handy!

Expanded event log for Logicblock execution

Just a little background explanation in case you joined us recently :blush::

In Apilio, you define a set of conditions that must be met in order to run some actions.

You can execute multiple actions, which are grouped in two lists: positive and negative. The positive action chain is executed when the Logicblock is evaluated and the conditions are met (they are true). On the other hand, if the Logicblock is evaluated but the conditions are not met (they are false), then the negative action chain will run.

You can set actions in just one of the action chains, or both, if you want to define a behaviour for when the condition was not met. If you’d like to get inspired or see an example, I use the negative action chain in my fitness circuit timer: Fitness circuit training timer with no sound: use a smart light!

With this new release, you’ll see in your Event Logs if your Logicblock evaluated true or false:

And that’s it for today. Two little updates that we are sure will help you control your smart home setup better :wink:

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For conditions which have a timeout / delay value, it would be good to have two entries in the log:

For example:
21:00:11 Tuya condition ‘BathroomLightOnFor45mins’ changed. The status ‘Switch 1’ for device ‘Baño dormitorio 1P’ was updated to true by Tuya (not effective yet due to delay setting)
21:45:11 Tuya condition ‘BathroomLightOnFor45mins’ changed. The condition was updated to true by a delay setting.


Really great news! Both things were part of my wish-list!

I wonder what will come next… :thinking:

Hi @teknofilo,
fully agree that it would be nice to have some more transparency to what’s happening behind the scenes with the time restrictions.

Thanks Anna the log filtering by element is just FAB but would love log filtering by tag on the dashboard!