Problem with Smart Life connectivity?

Hi all.

I have been using APILIO with Smart Life and IFTTT for about 6 weeks now and a couple of days ago, I was away from home and had occasion to interrogate the logs to try and identify an issue with a door sensor. In essence, I received an alert (from Smart Life) that my garage door was open. Looking at my cameras, I quickly ascertained that it was not and it appears that there was a problem with the sensor not registering the close event. This has now been resolved in Smart Life.

However, I looking into a few conditions I have defined in APILIO that are linked to the sensor in question, I noticed that there are no events logged since May 5th. I checked the connection and it was showing as active. Curiously, since checking the connection, I can see new events coming in. This happened even though, I did not change anything. The only thing I did was hit “revoke”, but quickly cancelled the action as it would have messed a bunch of stuff up.

As part of my diags, I have checked another condition linked to a different sensor and I am also seeing a gap in events from 05th May until yesterday (19 days), which leads me to conclude that the issue is with the integration and not the device. This leaves me a little concerned as the main reason (right now) for using APILIO is to trigger an alert based on certain conditions. As this does no involve user interaction, I need to be able to depend on this working 100% of the time (or at least alerting me if there’s a connectivity issue).

Has anyone come across this and is there something I should be doing to stop this happening in the future?

Hello @inspoadam,

not getting data events is of course very bad, so we take this seriously and I investigated a bit.
When there’s Smart Life device data missing in Apilio, it can either be that we a) don’t get the event at all, or b) we mess up internally and loose the data.

I checked the history of one of your devices, and indeed there is a gap of data until yesterday.
Then I checked the logs of our first point of incoming data. In those logs, there is a gap of silence until yesterday, but for other devices, there was data coming.
So my conclusion at the moment that it was a case a) where the data was not sent from Tuya into our event pipeline.
While this does not solve your final issue with the logic not working, but hopefully helps to restore trust in Apilio. We are not perfect as well, but give our best to provide a reliable service.

Thanks for coming back to me. May I ask a favour. Please will you check the incoming data for the Rack Temperature Sensor (there’s only one) as I am seeing the same gap in event as I am for the Garage Door.

Also, I can see the events in Smart Life for this time range, so it looks like they are not being forwarded.

Yes, there is the same gap for that sensor as well.

Sorry, but it took a while to come back. It seems that the only way to sort this problem is go in to manage my connection channels and manually re authenticate to Smart Life. Unfortunately, this is not a workable solution as I am using apilio to alert me based on monitoring of device status in Smart Life.

Is anyone able to provide insight into this as to me it seems like there is no mechanism to renew the access token issued by Tuya/Smart Life. In this use case it would typically be implemented using a refresh token grant, but that is not happening.

I am happy to dive into this in a bit more detail as I do know a bit about this - I work for Auth0. :slight_smile:


Anyone Is anyone able to look at this issue?


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Yeah I am sure the :man_mage: will take a look shortly.

There is a refresh mechanism with refesh token in place, so that is generally not the problem.
What issues are you experiencing right now? I guess only incoming data is missing, but actions always work?

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