Presence Sensor for Apilio

Now that Apilio have completed their next stage of integration with Tuya Smart Life I have come up away of using google home to change my Apilio home/away condition depending on who is home.

I have sent up my wife and I’s phone to be used as presence sensors in google home. How to here

I then use a house hold routine to switch on a Tuya plug socket (mine is on the TV) to turn on when someone is home and off when no one is home.

As Apilio can see the state of the plug IE On and OFF I have a condition called home which is true when the plug is on and false when the plug is off. This then allows me to have logiblocks run depending if people are home or not.

If you don’t use google home or apples equivalent you could use different Tuya switches for each person in the house and using location services on the Tuya App (or which ever you app you use to control Tuya products)

Hope this makes sense. If you need clarification please do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this @Drivingforce, a really interesting way to combine Ghome, Tuya and Apilio I hadn’t thought of!

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That’s an very surprising “twist” and it also came to my mind recently :smile:.
You can start using real-world objects to pass on event information or even store binary states (Plug on/off). It feels like going back in time when computers used relays.