Please add a Favicon

Please add a Favicon


Please add a Favicon to the apilio website so I can easily identify it within my bookmarks. Thank you.


Great shout Tom, we’ll get that done. Thanks!


Hey Tom,
we just fixed and deployed your request.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank you, that was updated lightning fast :slight_smile:

Look how nice it looks zapier… iftttt… apilio - good job :metal:



Phillipp, I don’t know how to write a private message and the contact email gives me an error when sending an email to

I am reaching out because I believe in apilio and I feel like contributing. After a long time creating all kinds of digital marketing products for clients, I’d love to work on a project that I believe in and that makes sense to me. How about creating a one or two-minute explainer video for apilio? It’s free because that is something I’d love to work on :slight_smile: Shoot me a message if interested.



Hey Tom,
thanks for pointing this out - I just fixed the e-mail address as well…
Me or someone from the team will contact you via e-mail in a few days or so, as I’m almost out for a short vacation :slight_smile:


Have a great time! :wave: