New price plans in Apilio

Hello everyone!

We got many comments that it was difficult to fit into one of the two plans we had, so we are introducing new and more options to make it easier to find a matching plan.

The new plans in a nutshell

  1. Our new plans should allow you to find an offering that matches better what you need from Apilio.
  2. Apilio will have only monthly plans going forward. This allows us to match other services you are also using so everything you have subscribed has the same period. It allows also for extra flexibility, as you can change your subscription every month.
  3. The new plans supersede all current offerings and are already published and active. You may transition to a new plan already as they are available in the app today.
  4. Your yearly legacy plan won’t renew automatically but it will complete any term that it has left. When the term is finished, you’ll be able to choose a new plan to continue using Apilio. You can switch to a new plan with a pro-rata credit earlier if you wish.
  5. We have two groups of plans , each with a different set of features. In each group of plans you’ll find two or three levels with different numbers of Logicblocks . This will allow you to subscribe to only what you need.
  6. The free plan is being discontinued , but trials will become 3 weeks long . Unfortunately we need to pay 3rd party fees for all accounts in use and so free plans are not sustainable.
  7. When a plan expires, we’ll deactivate the account, just like we do today. Deactivated plans will be deleted after one month (currently we wait for 6 months).

Here’s a quick overview. You can find more details on the website or in the app.

:large_blue_circle: Essential :large_blue_circle:Home :orange_circle:Advanced :orange_circle:Pro :orange_circle:Extra
1.50$ 2.40$ 2.90$ 3.90$ 6.90$
3 Logicblocks 10 Logicblocks 10 Logicblocks 50 Logicblocks 150 Logicblocks
Essential set of features Essential set of features Expanded set of features Expanded set of features Expanded set of features

Some questions answered

  1. What happens to anyone on current plans?
    Your plan will last for as long as it has left in the term. For example, if it is due to expire in 8 months, you’ll continue with your (legacy) plan as it is for 8 more months, and then you’ll have to choose one of the new ones.
  2. What happens when my current plan expires?
    You’ll have to choose a new monthly plan from the available ones. We will send you an e-mail reminder when the date approaches.
  3. I’m on a free plan. What do I need to do?
    You can continue to use your free plan until the end of your current term. If you choose not to subscribe after that, your account will be made inactive.
  4. How long can my account be inactive?
    Accounts can be inactive for a month. After this we’ll delete it.

Any additional questions, please send them on.

Thank you from the Apilio team.


I click on Re-subscribe now, but on the next page (the one showing various plans), nothing happnes after I click the ‘get started’ or ‘upgrade’ buttons. This is true for all 5 plans. So not sure how to re-subscrbe, please hlep

Hi @ptngan ,
I will contact you via e-mail to help!

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Great to see more options… Apilio is worth every penny! :ok_hand:

As a suggestion, a “Pro Plus” plan between Pro and Extra, with up to 100 logicblocks, could be useful for some people (for example, I have 65 logicblocks)


Thanks for your feedback!

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