New in Apilio: improved Tuya actions!

Better actions: you can now use any supported command

We’ve upgraded and improved our Tuya actions, and they now allow a full dynamic support of attributes, just like you do with conditions! This will allow to create better and more sophisticated automations, making full use of all your device’s potential.

Starting today, instead of just turning devices on or off, you’ll be able to select any device and send any supported command as an action. Pretty cool, right?

If your device doesn’t have any actions, for example if it’s a sensor, or if the hardware developer didn’t enable any actions for your device, you won’t see any available actions:

Any other questions regarding our Tuya integration?

Please put them below! :smiley: Thanks!


Wow, that’s a great addition! Until now I was creating and then triggering Tuya scenes to perform actions,

One little bug:

This is my current action (Tuya scene “Abre garaje exterior” – “Open outside garage”):

When I edit it to trigger a device action on device “Garaje exterior” (Outside garage)…

…I get this error when I save

Solution is easy: Just delete the action completely and create a new one.


Thanks @teknofilo we will take a look.

Thanks for reporting the bug. I could reproduce it and it happens when you want to change a Scene action into a Device action.

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Yep, not a big problem anyway

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