New in Apilio: friendlier names for Logicblocks and shorter delays in Conditions

Hello everyone!

You might be familiar with our restrictions for Logicblock names…well say goodbye to those restrictions, because starting today, you’ll be able to use friendlier names here!!

Friendlier names for Logicblocks

So going forward, you’ll have more freedom when you enter your names for Logicblocks, as you’ll be able to use more special characters than previously allowed.

This is what has changed: you can now use spaces and special characters, up to 50 characters in total! For example:

image (9)

And this is what it looks like in IFTTT:
image (10)

These are some more examples of Logicblock names that are now allowed:

  • Kitchen Lights controller
  • Upstairs AC
  • Corridor downstairs

Shorter delays for Conditions

Previously the minimum delay was 10 seconds. We have reduced this from 10 to 5 seconds to speed up your delay responses in your automations!

image (11)

Holidays are coming! :santa: :elf: :elf: :elf:

Now that these little presents have been delivered, Santa and the elves are going to be taking a long holiday break in the coming weeks, so we might be a bit more quiet than usual!

As always, if you have any questions, please put them below. :wink:

Happy Apilioing!


Hey @teknofilo , didn’t you have these in your :santa: list?? :angel:

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Hi all, just a quick post on something that I’ve found really helpful in relation to the extended logicblock naming. I’ve added some emoji icons now to the end of my logic block descriptions which help with visually identifying the purpose of some of the blocks. e.g. :clapper:scenes, :christmas_tree:Christmas lights, :bulb:lighting, :coffee:coffee dock etc.


This looks great, well done :smiley: !


what a great idea! thanks for sharing