NEST thermostat status

Hi all,
I know this topic is probably a dead end but I said I’d ask anyway.
Does anyone know of any way currently to get the status/history of a NEST thermostat (via API, IFTTT etc.)
My hot water immersion is now on a WiFi switch so Apilio can turn on the water early each morning.
What I’d love to be able to do is check if my NEST thermostat had been turned on and if it had don’t turn on the immersion (as basically the oil heating will have heated the water instead).

I realise that Google pulled support for NEST integration some time ago but just wondering if anyone has found a way around it?


If your NEST thermostat is already connected to IFTTT it will be straight forward
I cannot use exact wording as a foolishly removed my link between NEST and IFTTT
Basically you will need an Boolean variable with your target temperature.
Have Nest Via IFTTT change the Variable. IE if temperature is above x set true If below x set False
Create a condition based on the boolean variable. Then use it in the logibloc like normal

From IFTTT if nest thermostat is above x then tell Apilio to set boolean variable to true. If below X then set boolean variable to False

Alternatively get yourself an smarthings thermometer either wifi or zigbee (Zigbee is my preference). Place it in the same area as your Nest Thermostat, see if they read the temperature the same.
Then taking into account any difference you can set up your logiblock to turn on the hot water tank if the temperature has not dropped below X in a certain time frame. As I don’t know how your heating system is set up and when you have it to come on. The refinements to this idea would need a little more work

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Thanks Drivingforce,

Unfortunately I’ve no existing link to my thermostat in IFTTT so it looks like a separate thermometer is the only option. I actually have some Ruuvi tags which are remote BLE temperature sensors but they haven’t released a gateway device as of yet (work in progress). When it’s available I might get it which should give me WiFi access to them.


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