Nanoleaf: How Thread and Matter are going to improve their products

The episode 327 of Staceys IoT Podcast is very insightful for people who want to understand why the smart home industry is so excited about the new standards Thread and Matter.
In the second part of the show (starts at 38:15), there’s an interview with Nathan Dyck from Nanoleaf. And they talk a lot about how the new standards can improve Smart Home products.

Here are some topics they discuss:

  • Thread and why Nanoleaf is loving it
  • Multi-Admin and how to fight commoditisation
  • How blockchain technology helps Matter to improve security
  • Lighting automation: Lighting is on when you need it, off or dimm saving energy when you don’t

Of course I liked the last part about automation the most :wink:. What Nathan confirms that creating useful automation today is not trivial and many ecosystems don’t care much about it. And that’s exactly why we built Apilio - to break down silos for automation between ecosystems. With Apilio, you can use very affordable sensors from Tuya and create those automations easily.

To wrap this little post up, here are some nice quotes I managed to capture from the interview with Nathan Dyck:

Why Thread? The biggest reason was low power!

Everyone switched to LED because they use much less power than previous lights. So using a lot of power just to stay connected is a step in the wrong direction.

Matter is not getting rid of all of the pain, but it’s a huge step into the right direction

How to entice people to use your app? The specific functioning of our products is gonna be the best in our app.


My primary hope is that it will gives us more control of the lights through Apilio with out having to set up scene etc in the manufactures app.
IE i want my lights to change from white to a colour changing RGB instead of turning off