Meross smart bulb

I have a Meross smart bulb and I would like to set it so that it changes colour every minute or so. I can do this every 15 minutes using ifttt and a script but would like to make the timescale shorter.
Is there a way to do this using Apilio?

Hi @Les,
yes, with the time event using a cron expression ( How to setup and use time conditions ) you can run actions as frequently as every minute.

I’ve had a play and set up a condition called “testcron” but now I can’t get back to my conditions page. I just see a page that says “sorry something went wrong take me back home”
Can you please reset it for me

Hi @Les,
yes, I already got a warning from the system that there was a fatal error with a specific cron expression.
We will implement a fix for this and I already reset the condition that caused the issue.
Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for the reset. I’ve set up cron as * * * * * which means a trigger every minute.
What I want to do now is issue trigger 1 on the 1st minute then trigger 2 on the next minute then trigger 3 then trigger 4 then back to trigger 1.
How do I do that please?

I think I would create a cron expression that fires a Logicblock every 5 minutes (0/5 * * * *) and then have a Logicblock with the 4 actions and a minute delay between each of them.
So Logicblock would run at minute 0 and do:

  • Minute 0: Trigger 1
  • Minute 1: Trigger 2
  • Minute 2: Trigger 3
  • Minute 4: Trigger 4
    Then, the Logicblock triggers again at minute 5 due to the cron expression and runs the same sequence again.

I’ve solved it!
I set up a cron condition to set off at every 5 minutes past the hour as follows
0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * *
and then set up a logic block with 10 action to change the colour of the light every 30 seconds.
Works a treat!

Sorry only just seen your post.
Great minds think alike! !

I’ve just tried your version 0/5 * * * *
and it only seems to work starting on the hour whereas my version starts at any multiple of 5.
Any thoughts?

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Just tried */5 * * * * and that does indeed work every 5 minutes regardless of when you set it going.