Matter should be here soon - but will it rock?

I was seeing quite a lot of posts in social media and hearing from the podcast of Stacey on IoT that the start of Matter might be a little bumpy.
It was clear from the beginning that the supported device types will be limited at the start. But I find it very surprising that

  • device may still need to develop integrations for every controller platform to work well
  • device specific apps will not be obsolete

Listen to the podcast to get the full picture.

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Yeah but the good news is that Hue is planning to be able to be a controller and suggesting it can do that with a software upgrade to its hub. So I am happy, the Hue stuff is well built and I find it very reliable…

Yes, Hue will be probably my first Matter compatible product when they upgrade the hub.
But I’m not sure the hub will be able to act as controller to things outside the Hue hub.

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so you’re not thinking it’s going to rock quite yet then :thinking:

Some google nest products will be matter gateways
Matter Works with Google Home (

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How I understand the news it’s going to be very basic at start. But that’s ok - better that that not starting at all :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have a Nest Hub mini, Alexa and HomeKit around. So for sure I can test the multi-controller feature :grin:
Unfortunately I don’t have anything with Thread yet.

I checked the documentation of Samsung SmartThings for a cloud API:
SmartThings, which will have Matter as well, and it has a cloud API. So far I think this would be currently the only way to connect Matter devices with Apilio.
But the other question is if as a SmartThings owner, one would still use Apilio.

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Yes it’s a good point. I have tried really hard to use SmartThings but, a bit like Home Assistant, I just don’t like/get the interface and it seems absurdly hard to do the simple-but-somehow-complicated things I want to do. Still :heart_eyes: Apilio best @ :man_mage: !